Implant disease study

School of Dentistry seeking participants for Implant disease study

dental implantThe Department of Periodontology is conducting the study to evaluate the clinical efficiency of a synthetic bone graft on the surgical treatment of implant disease. Qualifying subjects who are enrolled in the study will get the implant treatment free of cost.

Potential study participants must be 21 years of age or older, free of gum disease and active infections in the mouth. Participants must have a dental implant that is causing them trouble, be it swelling, sensitivity, discomfort, showing visible metal or if they have been told by a dentist that they have this problem. Teeth need to be present and close to the implant that has problems.

dental implant images

Potential subjects of the study cannot participate if any of the following apply:

  • Participation in other clinical trials involving therapeutic intervention
  • Existence of a systemic diseases such as uncontrolled diabetes and blood pressure
  • Long terms use of corticosteroids, antibiotics or osteoporosis medications.
  • Female subjects who are pregnant or lactating, or who may become pregnant
  • Smoking more than 10 cigarettes or the equivalent, per day