Meet the Team – Clinical Leadership
Meet the Team – Clinical Leadership

Joseph V. Franco Jr., DDS - Assistant Dean for Clinical Services/ Chief Dental Officer

I have been with the School of Dentistry since 1985 but went full-time in 2013. I am responsible for the management of adult, acute care, oral surgery and pediatric and orthodontic clinics from a patient, student, faculty and staff perspective. I help develop protocols and processes to improve our patient, student, faculty and staff experience within the clinic 
I love the variety of my job. Every day is a different challenge whether managing a patient, faculty, student or staff situation. I enjoy problem solving to ensure the clinic is running as smooth as possible. I have been in private practice for 30 years, but I enjoy advising students on practice opportunities. I also enjoy looking at employment contracts and advising students of potential pitfalls or red flags in a contract. 

Marjel Whitmore, Senior Director of Operations, started on June 1, 2018 

My role is everything pertaining to operations within the School of Dentistry including planning and monitoring the day-to-day activities within the school to ensure we are meeting our strategic clinical and educational goals and initiatives. I help ensure patients have a great experience from when they arrive to the school, during their appointment, to when they leave. I work with the faculty and staff to ensure that the students have a great educational experience. I also serve as the school’s liaison to the different departments at the University (i.e., Compliance, Human Resources, Public Safety, Strategic Sourcing etc). 

I love the PEOPLE I get to work with every day of course!! Working with the staff, faculty, students and patients is awesome! I enjoy the day-to-day variety of issues that arise and working towards a quick resolution to those issues. I have been part of the Creighton family since October 2001 working in the School of Medicine (had a short 2-year break in service prior to coming to our school). I enjoyed the operational challenges of opening the school back up during the COVID pandemic to ensure the Seniors graduated on time – whew! I LOVE planning events and parties (pre-COVID I was able to plan the pancake feeds, grilled cheese events, treat day, etc) – hopefully we will be able to plan these events in the near future!!  

CarrieAnn Holte – Patient Care Supervisor – 2 ½ years

I am the leader over the Patient Care Coordinators, Patient Access Team, to include OS Scheduler, Front Desk Specialists, and Student Workers. I am a hands-on leader and help in any capacity I am needed or wanted. I work closely with my directors to ensure we are all on the same page and on the upward track. I help students when they come to see me to schedule their patients or just have a quick chat.
In the spring, for the past 3 years, I have worked closely with Dr. Kelly to keep the Sophomore Denture Experience program organized in the computer as far as contacts, appointments, invitation letters and accepted letters. I love this program as dentures are my main dental experience and my passion. I have a whole list of responsibilities, some small, some big, but all important to the quality of my self-assessment and success.
There are so many things I love about my job here; it is hard to pick just one or two… I think foremost, I love and appreciate my team. I inherited some strong personalities with strong skills, and everyone I have hired to date have the same skills. I look for leaders and people I know will help to guide the students as well as be a cheerleader for their team. The teams all work together for a common goal, and they do it very well. They are close at work and some have developed a great relationship during off work hours. I could not ask for a better team!
I sincerely appreciate and respect my directors and leadership team. They empower people to learn and grow within their rolls. When a mistake is made, they are gentle yet stern on how, not to make the same mistake again. They show respect to every person they come in contact with. They are not just leaders; they are role models and mentors. I am proud to be on their team.
I appreciate every student that comes through the school! I realize and respect the fact, without them, I would not have a job. I greet each student with a smile and a ‘What can I do for you?’ attitude. I will do my best to make sure each student that comes to me, leaves trusting that our team has their back, and their success is our success. Watching a new Junior on the floor on their very first day, scared, confused and feeling like they absolutely forgot everything they were taught over the past two years, compared to their level of knowledge and confidence on their very last day is such a rush! Knowing that when they open the door to their new life, as a DDS, they have the tools and knowledge to start their career in continuing healthy smiles for their new patients.

Winston Yapp - Associate Director - 2 years

I am an associate director of the school that is responsible for oversight and management of all inventory, sterilization, safety, dental equipment/maintenance and procurement operations and personnel within these areas. I serve as a liaison for the school for facilities, public safety, and procurement in coordination with University personnel.

I really like it that my current role provides me with opportunity to improve the efficiency of the Dental School by employing continues improving techniques while being a good steward of the resources under my charge. I consider myself to be connector, because I find it very gratifying when I am able to provide timely connections for staff/faculty and students with appropriate resources.  
A fun fact that many might not know is this is my second time working for Creighton 2006 - 2012 and rehired 2018 - present.

Tina Walker - EHR Specialist, Pedo/Ortho & Assessment Supervisor - 12 years of service
Records Management, Axium-Teacher Assistant - 12 years of service

I am responsible for assisting students and faculty with record issues, board exams, organizing patient charts, organizing personal planners and grading issues. I also assist Dr. Russel with teaching the Axium class. Overall, I help where my help is needed. 

I love working with the students, faculty and my co-workers and appreciate the relationships I have developed with everyone that I come in contact with. A fun fact about my role is whenever anyone receives an Axium note from me they automatically think they are in trouble! I also have been told many times that I look like Miranda Bailey from Grey’s Anatomy.

Jenny Hayes-Maytum, Lead Dental Assistant, almost 13 years of service

I am in charge of the west clinic with pedo and acute care. I take x-rays and assist students as well as direct other assistants in that area. She loves working at Creighton and the benefits it offers, as well as getting to work with “amazing people” on a daily basis. I love the students and working with different personalities all the time. Every day is different. 

Michele Murphy, Lead Dental Assistant, going on 4 years of service

I am in charge of the east clinic with fixed, removeable, perio, NRT and radiology assistants. Like Jenny I also direct other assistants, take x-rays and assist students with their needs. I love having the opportunity to assist students through their dental education and help them grow and progress each year. It is very rewarding to be a part of their journey into their future profession. I am from Iowa, Go Hawks!