Larsen Thankful for Scholarship Support
Larsen Thankful for Scholarship Support

Persistence and a thankful heart are central to Maggie Larsen’s successful journey through the School of Dentistry. Her dedication and generous scholarship support from alumni and friends have prepared her tograduate in May with a wealth of knowledge, compassion for her field, and an unmatched level of professionalism. 

“Choosing to wake up each day and to remember how much of a blessing it is to be at Creighton has been so important. The gift of scholarships encourages me to work hard and to never settle for mediocrity,” she says.

In 2020, Larsen was awarded the Dr. William S. Kramer Award of Excellence. The National Dental Honor Society annually recognizes one dental student who has demonstrated scholarship, character, and the promise for advancement of dentistry and service to humanity.

“My goal has always been to work hard, so that I am best equipped to serve my patients. Being chosen for this award made me feel that following my calling to be a dentist was the right path for me.”

The North Platte, Nebraska, native has been interested in health care all of her life. Her father, Creighton alumnus Michael Bianco, BA’85, MD’89, has been a role model for Maggie, and instilled within her the tenacity to always “press on.” She says that it was during mission  work in the Dominican Republic that she was drawn to dentistry.

“I fell in love with the idea that I could address health care needs and use my creativity to do so. To give someone their smile back is truly remarkable.”

Hands-on experiences led by faculty in all specialties shape Creighton graduates into well-rounded dentists. Larsen says her education in the School of Dentistry exceeded her expectations and has prepared her to be a competent and compassionate dental professional.

“Dental school has proven to be the most challenging four years of my life. When I think about how I have developed holistically during my time at Creighton, I realize I have nearly perfected one thing — to be a woman who won’t give up.”