Dental Student Plays Happy Tune with Patient
Dental Student Plays Happy Tune with Patient

As a 10-year-old, Kenny Oyer rode his bicycle with his “first love” securely tied onto the handlebars with kite string. That precious cargo: his clarinet. What began as a year of weekly lessons in the late 1940s became a lifetime passion.

“It’s become so much of the who-ness of me,” says Oyer, who in recent decades has struggled with dental care and, consequently, to play his clarinet. He turned to the Creighton University School of Dentistry for help in the 1970s, returning throughout the years for treatment.

When his longtime dentures began to fail, he returned to the school in 2016 to undergo a mandibular implant procedure with Theresa Rawalt, BS’12, DDS’17, who graduated from Creighton’s dental school on May 13.

“We engaged in our journey and we got along famously,” says Oyer. “She’s one of the bright lights in my life.” Read their story.


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