Expertise, Leadership and Dedication.

At Creighton School of Dentistry, our faculty members are exceptional teachers dedicated to our mission and vision. They approach student education with a spirit of collaboration that creates a cohesive learning experience.

Our faculty has expertise in all of the specialty areas of dentistry; 93 percent of our specialists are board certified. All instructors are dedicated practitioners and many are cutting-edge researchers, who are eager to inspire students. Creighton embraces the principle that leading by example instills the values that are the hallmarks of Creighton dentists: competence, care, and compassion.

Full-Time Faculty Directory

We’ve organized our full-time faculty members’ information by department and,  in addition, listed each of them below alphabetically. All part-time faculty information can be found within the departments.

Anne S. Aiello, DMD
Laura C. Barritt, Ph.D.
Teena T. Beehner, A.S., RDH, B.S., M.S.
Thomas J. Beeson, DDS
Douglas K. Benn, M.Phil., Ph.D., DDR, DDS
Thomas P. Berry, DDS
David A. Blaha, DDS
William G. Carney, DDS
Lucinda R. Carroll, DDS
W. Thomas Cavel, DDS
Roselyn D. Cerutis, Ph.D.
Hardeep K. Chehal, DDS
Yonghoon Choi, DDS, PhD
Sharon M. Daly, B.S., RDH
Gregory L. Davis, DDS
Scott C. Di Lorenzo, DDS
Joseph V. Franco Jr., DDS
Jason H. Goodchild, DMD
Kelly A. Gould, BSDH, M.A., MPH
Andrea L. Hall, DDS
Laura E. Harris-Vieyra, DDS
Jennifer A. Hasslen, DDS
Kenneth P. Hermsen, DDS, M.S.
Dennis R. Higginbotham, DDS
James H. Howard, DDS, M.S.
Jose L. Ibarrola, CD, DDS, M.S.
Margaret A. Jergenson, DDS
William P. Kelsey III, DDS
Melissa S. Lang, DDS, M.S.
Terry F. Lanphier, DDS, MBA
Mark A. Latta, DMD, M.S.
Mark D. Markham, DDS
Luke F. Matranga, DDS, M.S.
Kirstin T. McCarville, DDS, M.S.
Kim K. McFarland, DDS, MHSA
Stuart J. McNally, DDS
Thomas R. Meng Jr., DDS
Takanari Miyamoto, DDS, CAGS, M.S.D, Ph.D., MBA
David T. Mohs, DDS, M.S.
Lorenzo Mordini, DDS, CAGS, M.S.
Bruce Mowat, DDS
Carol M. Murdock, DDS
William T. Naughton, DDS
Dennis E. Nilsson, DDS, M.S.
Neil S. Norton, Ph.D.
Martha E. Nunn, M.S., M.S., DDS, Ph.D.
Barbara J. O’Kane,  M.S., Ph.D.
Raymond F. Olmo, DDS, M.S.
James D. O’Meara, DDS
Lawrence C. Parrish, DDS, M.S.
Shawn E. Powell, DDS, M.S.
Scott M. Radniecki, DDS
Angela C. Ritchie, DDS
Sonia M. Rocha-Sanchez, M.S., Ph.D.
Cynthia C. Russell, DDS
Kevin P. Ryan, DDS
Leslie T. Sanders, RDH
Donal D. Scheidel, DDS
R. Scott Shaddy, DDS
John W. Shaner, DDS, M.S.
James L. Sheets, DDS
Jared H. Smith, DDS, M.S.
Randy E. Stout, DDS
Mark H. Taylor, DDS
Christine S. Wagman, RDH, B.S.
Timothy F. Walker, DDS, M.S.
Michael D. Weston, M.A., Ph.D.
Charles W. Wilcox, DDS, M.S.
Gilbert M. Willett, PT, PhD, OCS
David E. Williams, DDS
Terrence M. Wilwerding, DDS, MSEd, M.S.